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A webpage against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past

On this page you can find various items of interest, both obscure and popular. After all, if a lot of people like something, then it should be defined as "good".

Instead of a flashy or well-designed web site, I would present you with this haiku. Please take a moment to ponder on its simple profundity.

Down by the sea shore
There are crabs and fish galore
And that's swamp galore

In other words, this page has got the hard, street, ghetto, rugged, beat that'll make your whole crew stop frontin'. If it don't make sense, it's probably not making me any dollars.

The new blurry-eyed focus for the page:

Films Film Commentary: click here to go to the index of movies. There's also a link to a film discussion board.

Film on TVSimplified discussion of widescreen films and how they are presented on television: letterbox and full-frame formats compared.

Old school material:

Kung Fu on the ScreenBruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu: a work of art that "combines all the elements of the human character."

Includes a link to the entire film online.

Update for June 18th, 2015

Update for November 29, 2010

Links like sausage

Nostalghia.com: a website dedicated to the director Andrei Tarkovsky
The Prisoner
Twin Peaks

Updated less frequently than I would like.

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